developer event 2016

On CNBC an interview featuring Satya Nadella aired followed by the GitHub acquisition a few months back on which he was asked about various questions related to that. While the interview was mainly focused on the acquisition, the CEO had to face questions regarding Facebook sharing personal data with other companies. On the question of whether Microsoft is involved in similar practices, Nadella said, “Overall for us at Microsoft, our focus has always been that it’s not about our data it’s our customers’ data whether it’s the consumer side or it’s the organizational or enterprise side. We are just custodians of data and we work to keep the data secure and use the data with permission from users that’s been our core principle that’s how it’s the core tenant of what we do with our cloud services and our client platforms.”

Followed the by the Future decoded event Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella re-affirms that for Microsoft trust is everything and the company uses data with permission from the users and this is done so that its customers get benefitted and not some other companies.

“We don’t want to over-monetize. If anything, one of the things we’ve done is to is to make sure that the utility is maximized for the users,” Nadella told the Times this weekend.  He further added, “Users should only use that service if that customer data creates utility for them. If you think about Linkedin, it is all about economic opportunity for the member. It’s not about taking member data and using it for something else.”

Interestingly enough Apple CEO Tim Cook also shares similar thoughts. Being asked about the Cambridge Analytica, he gave us a similar answer. Apple’s answer was quite obvious as it does not deal with data, and is certainly not an internet company.