Windows Server

Microsoft has released a brand new Windows Server Insider Preview Build dubbed as 18298. This new update introduces a bunch of new features, improvements and of course bug fixes. But like other Insider Preview Builds it has its flaws. Below is a list of all the features, improvements, fixes, and known issues.

What’s new

  • In this preview build we are adding support for Network Policies using Tigera Calico for Windows Containers. The latest Tigera Calico for Windows bits are included in Tigera Essentials — for access to the latest release, contact Tigera by email at [email protected]
  • We’re releasing the full set of 38 server language packs to Insiders for the first time. Use DISM or LPKSETUP commands to install on Windows Server core. Language packs will only install on a matching build.
  • We have new innovations in networking that we will announce in the early new year, please stay tuned.
  • The expiration date for this preview is July 5th, 2019.

What’s fixed

18711227We made changes to enable recent preview releases of the operating system to recognize Linear Tape-Open (LTO) devices.
19304688We resolved an issue that prevented OS events that are sent over the VMBus to a virtual machine (VM) guest from reaching the targeted guest due to an incorrect message ID.
19344847We resolved an issue that could cause a printer to be undiscoverable when using Mopria over IPv4, due to the URL for the printer being invalid when constructed with an IPv6 address.
19099039We fixed an issue that could prevent an application that uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and .NET Framework version 4 from loading in Windows PE (WinPE) due to BCP47 Language Classes (BCP47Langs.dll) being unavailable.
19325028We fixed the following issue: On a system that is running a preview release of the operating system, Get-ADGroupMember might fail to return the members of an Active Directory group, instead producing an error message about the timeout being exceeded.
19421901, 19549384We fixed the following issue: On some systems, the PIN for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) does not work correctly after the system has been upgraded to a preview release of the operating system.
19581555We fixed the following issue: An opportunistic lock by Advanced Threat Protection may prevent writing the base image for a container.
19188870We fixed the following issue: Activation keys for preview releases are not correctly activating Server Core operating systems from the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC).
19413235We fixed the following issue: On a system that is running a recent preview release of the operating system, Hyper-V may experience a bug check error: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (0x124).

Known Issues

18850279Virtual machine runtime state (VMRS) files may fail to load. An affected system may report a failure in looking up or receiving the VM from the source host due to the data being invalid (0x8007000d).
18941473Self-service users cannot install Feature on Demand (FOD) packages and Language Packs for Windows Server Update Service (WSUS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Autopilot scenarios.
18814123A container host may become unresponsive due to a deadlock when attempting to mount a volume. On an affected system, Docker hangs on all commands.
18428421, 18034699The operating system has an unnecessary utility account for Windows Defender Application Guard.
18314155When a Windows Defender Application Guard container crashes, the resulting type of dump may be unexpected.
19765417Server FODs are not retained after in-place or Build-to-Build upgrade