Sometime back we heard it from Chinese site WPDang that the dual-sim Lumia will have dual-standby feature and the screenshot leaked by evleaks just confirms that. Dual-standby means both Sims will be active at any given time, unlike latest dual-sim smartphones which usually have only one Sim active. So, you can see two active 3G networks, two messaging, two phone tiles in the above screenshot.

The screenshot also reveals display resolution of 854 x 480 (reminds me of Nokia N9), which may be due to those on-screen touch buttons (other wise Lumias have 800 x 480 resolution). Anyways, what we can add here is that the Nokia Moneypenny aka Lumia 630 / 635 will come with 4.5 inch display and as Dual-Sim RM-977, RM-978 and Single-Sim RM-976.

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