Chess Ultra

Ripstone Games is a popluar indie game developer and has some awesome gaming titles to its name on Xbox One including Pure Pool, Pure Chess, and Stick It to The Man.

Well, the developers are working on yet another Chess game named Chess Ultra, which is set to release on Xbox One this spring!

Chess Ultra is a sequel to our original hit chess game Pure Chess, and has been built completely from the ground up by the internal development team here at Ripstone. We’ve reached a level of visual fidelity that is not just a massive improvement on the original title in every way, and thanks to HDR and the power of Xbox One S, we think Chess Ultra is the best-looking chess game in the world!

On Xbox One S, players will experience rich detailed HDR visuals and crisp gameplay with a silky smooth 60 frames per second with textures beautifully rendered using PBR (physical based rendering), which really is something special to see in action.

Following the feedback from the community on Pure Chess, the new Chess Ultra features an intuitive, brand-new online mode, where you will be able to play against your friends and any other Chess Ultra players on Xbox One across the globe.

For latest news on game development, you can follow the developer on Twitter.