Battlefront II

The mind-blowing sequel to one of the most-played multiplayer shooter game, Star Wars Battlefront II, is releasing on Xbox One this November. The announcement was made at the Star Wars Celebration where the game reveal trailer was shown off and left all of the Star Wars attendees or fans crazy and excited for the future.

From battling across the stars in your own X-wing, to facing off in “Who would win?” match-ups like Darth Maul vs. Yoda, and playing with the unchecked power of Kylo Ren and The First Order, Star Wars Battlefront II looks to up the ante on what fans have come to expect from a Star Wars game.

Star Wars Battlefront II Screenshot
The number of battlegrounds have also increased, as all three eras — prequel, classic, and new trilogy — look to make an appearance in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Watch the official reveal trailer below.

Star Wars Battlefront II Screenshot
The game is now available for digital pre-order, for which you will have to head to the Windows/Xbox Store.