It is no doubt that Telegram is set to give its rival apps a tough time in the future and this certainly can observed by the commitment it is showing across major platforms, releasing a new feature every now and then. As long as it is working the way it should, we would have no problems at all.

The latest feature that Telegram is working on currently (and available to certain beta testers) is video messages. These are short video clips that can be sent to contacts, just like what Skype is able to do for a long time now.

Available on the beta version of the Android app, it is pretty easy to record videos and send them. Just tap on the mic icon once and it will be replaced with the camera icon. Hold the camera icon to record the video and release to send. Sweet!

The feature is also rolling out to beta app on iOS platform and Windows Phone users can really look up to it in the near future.


Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger