Microsoft recently confirmed that the Build 19041.208 is the new final build for Windows 10 May 2020 update and released it to Release Preview ring. But this build still has some known issues listed which may not inspire lots of confidence among users planning to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2020 update.

Check all the known issues listed below.

  • Windows Mixed Reality may not work correctly for many users on the May 2020 Update. If you regularly use Windows Mixed Reality, we recommend holding off taking the May 2020 Update via Release Preview for now. We are working on a fix which we hope to release in early May.
  • We are aware of an issue where using the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) tool to repair corruption on systems running the May 2020 Update does not always report the correct status. This will be fixed in an upcoming servicing release.
  • Some apps utilize the ImeMode property to control the IME (Input Method Editor) mode for individual text entry fields to increase typing efficiency. This functionality does not work correctly currently in the May 2020 Update. For example, the input mode will not switch automatically to Kanji or Hiragana. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming servicing update. To work around this issue in the short term, either manually switch the input mode when typing, or set the Compatibility ‘Use previous version’ checkbox for the impacted keyboard via Settings > Time & Language. We do not recommend using the compatibility setting for the long term, but rather as a temporary workaround for users who are impacted by this issue.

We have seen how the monthly security updates for the current Windows 10 release version 1909 have been affecting many users adversely with a plethora of issues. Hope, Microsoft has better plans for the maintenance of Windows 10 version 2004.