Microsoft recently released the Patch Tuesday update KB4566782 for Windows 10 Version 2004 aka May 2020 update. It also released the Patch Tuesday update KB4565351  for Windows 10 version 1909/1903.

Now some of the Windows 10 users have complained in Microsoft’s official forum about facing various issues after trying to install or after installing updates KB4565351 & KB4566782.

First coming to the Windows 10 version 2004 update KB4566782, it fails to install  for many users.

KB4566782 Update Loop
My laptop is running Windows 10 2004 OS build 19041.388 and windows update decides to automatically install cumulative update KB4566782 (build 19041.450). The installation will fail (0x800f081f) during updating Windows and Windows update automatically retry to install it until my laptop’s battery dies.

How get out of this update loop?

Unable to get KB4566782 to install on Windows 10 Professional
I have been trying to get this update installed on my system for a few days now and I am unable to get it to install.  I have rebooted multiple times, renamed the softwaredistribution and catroot2 folders, along with running the Windows Update troubleshooter but nothing has worked to resolve the issue.  I have downloaded the file from the Windows Update Catalog along with using my WSUS server but neither one allows the update to install.  I am running Windows 10 Professional version 2004 (build19041.388) and am providing the output from running the Get-WindowsUpdateLog command from Powershell 7.  I am hoping someone can look at this and tell me what is keeping the update from installing.

One of the user also reported a camera detection issues after installing the update

So my Windows 10 laptops cannot detect its built-in cameras after installing update KB4566782 & KB4569745.

The models for the computers are as follows:

Metabox Alpha-X NH58DD

Kogan Atlas N300

The cameras simply don’t show up in “Device Manager” after the update. There’s no option to uninstall the drivers when “Show hidden device” is ticked. (the only options are Update driver and Uninstall device. Update driver doesn’t find any new driver. Uninstall device would just remove the device in Device Manager for good).

Speech detection issue was reported by one of the user.

speech recognition stopped working
Up until this morning, speech recognition has been working fine (as well as it works), but now I receive this message: “Speech recognition could not start because the language configuration is not supported.The recognizer language must match the language of the user interface.”

Even the version 2009 update KB4565351 fails to install  for many users.

Latest Patch Tuesday Update Error 0x800f0986 for KB4565351
Has anyone else experienced this error with the latest Windows update for August 11?

“2020-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4565351) – Error 0x800f0986”

Failed install windows update kb4565351
kb4565351 failed install error 0x8024000b in update history..

I try update with windows update,, kb4565351 stack in downloading 100%,,

I wait one hour but no response, i turn off wifi will be pending download,,

I Try update manual, download in Microsoft catalog,,

I run error 0x8007000d data invalid..

2020-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4565351) – Error 0x800f0823
DISM, sfc /scannow. stop services, rename software dist and catroot2, rest svs and reboot, all  fail, ResetWUengine, fail starts the ‘getting things ready” message for about 1 second, then red error message continues “your device is missing important security and quality fixes.’

Windows 10 jump lists issue was reported by one user after installing the update.

Windows 10 jump lists broken by recent update *again*
The jump lists accessed by right-clicking pinned apps on the taskbar have stopped working after installing updates kb4569751 and kb4565351.

When I say “stopped working”, I mean that I can still left-click on a pinned app (e.g. File Explorer) and it will open correctly, but if I right-click on the icon and then try to click on any of the links in the menu which appears, nothing works:

Clicking on the recent files or the Desktop/Documents/Pictures/etc. links shows an error message window saying “The item that you have selected is unavailable. It might have been moved, renamed or removed. Do you want to remove it from the list?” but the files and folders have not been deleted or changed in any way.

If I click on the app icon to open another instance of the app, the list simply disappears and the app does not launch.