Microsoft today adds some new cool features to Skype which is aimed at making classroom experiences easier. Over the course of a month or two, we have seen a lot of changes happening to the Skype. Nevertheless, the new updates add Chat Media Gallery, Snapshots, Sharing Emotion, Skype Call Recording.

With the newly added Chat Media Gallery, all your shared files, links and photos are kept in one place i.e., within the Media Gallery. This comes in handy when you want to take a look at the photos or files without scrolling through chat.

Snapshot is another great new feature. As obvious as it sounds from the name itself, the feature typically captures a snapshot while people are on a Skype call.

You also have Sharing Emotion which simply allows participants to share emotion icons without verbally communicating with each other.

There is also this all-new cloud-based Skype call recording feature. Besides doing the obvious thing, it also does notify other participants when someone records a call.

Know more about the changes from here.