Another hint at Microsoft pursuing the foldable Surface Phone, this time from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, Build 18313.1004. As first noticed by BuildFeed, it is the first compiled build of a new SKU for foldable devices which comes with “rs_shell_devices_foldables” string.

Given the fact that Microsoft has been tweaking its Windows shell for quite some time now, there is ought to be some intimacy between Microsoft and Foldable design device. Interestingly enough, Microsoft last year put the foldable project into the cold storage which left many people thinking that the project got shelved. However, similar designs from various other PC manufacturers like Dell were the talk of the town. Intel also showed off what they were doing with the foldable design.

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Rumour has it that Microsoft would showcase its foldable device this year followed by other PC manufacturers. And while the enthusiasts were speculating about the size to be pocketable, there is no solid evidence found which backs the claim. What is in the bucket is best known to Microsoft and its partners and we are yet to hear anything from the horse’s mouth, but now since the compilation has been done for the SKU for foldable devices the likelihood of the company finally talking about the new technology is more pronounced.