d5d6a10f4bfbfbedbc6044327af0f736afc31f3eA diagram leak, which looks taken from Lumia 630 “Product sheet” confirms 4.5 inch display and size specs of 129.55 x 66.7 mm for the device. The display size of 4.5 inch is something we have been reporting since long based on the Lumia 630 appearance as RM-977 in Zauba records, the diagram reveals size specs for the first time.

The above diagrammatic image matches very well with the screenshots posted by evleaks before for Lumia 630 and reveals its Dual-Sim standing yet again. It will also have a twin brother Lumia 635 which will be a single-sim and 4G device.

Lumia-630-635-Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has confirmed that Dual-Sim support is coming with Windows Phone 8.1 and SDK leaks show us that Dual-Sim Lumias can have single or two separate tiles based on settings. Read the most comprehensive Windows Phone 8.1 changelog, click here.

Thanks Aikon for the tip. Cheers!!