Official Microsoft video teases Foldable Surface Centaurus as upcoming innovation

An official Microsoft partners video posted for its channel partners in the UK teases the Foldable Surface Centaurus as the example of innovation Microsoft is pursuing in the hardware space. Check the screenshot above that has used an article about "death of Andromeda and...

Windows 10 on ARM 1909 release for Lumia 950/XL brings WiFi support, auto-rotate & many more improvements

We recently reported about Lumia 950 running Windows 10 on ARM getting the WiFi support soon. Now, the developer community has released the Windows 10 on ARM version 1909 update for Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The update not only brings WiFi support for Lumia...

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 ARM64 to get WiFi support soon. Sensors may start working next

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 desktop OS Windows 10 on ARM just keeps getting better. We have been reporting about the developer community working enthusiastically to add support for more features even the most basic ones which are not available. Now, it seems the WiFi...

IDC & Gartner report PC shipments growth in Q2 2019 driven by Windows 10 migration

Q2 2019 has been a surprisingly good quarter for traditional PC manufacturers as PC shipments have seen growth Year-over-Year. Gartner puts the growth at 1.5%  and shipments at 63 million units in the second quarter of 2019, up from 62 million units in the...

Microsoft testing AMD Picasso & ARM Excalibur SOCs for 2019 Surface Laptop/Pro devices due this Fall

A new report throws more light on the Surface Excalibur rumor that we posted yesterday. It seems that Microsoft is toying with custom AMD and ARM chips for variants of its 2019 version of Surface Laptop (Surface Laptop 3) and Pro devices (Surface Pro...

Microsoft working on Surface ‘Excalibur’, a Snapdragon 8CX processor powered device, claims rumor

So, not long ago we reported that Surface Centaurus is targeted to launch in Q1 or H1 2020 powered by an Intel Lakefield processor. Later we received comments from readers wondering why Microsoft is not using Qualcomm processors. So, while it was always known that...

Centaurus, Microsoft’s Foldable PC with Android apps support coming early 2020. Details Inside

Microsoft has been long rumored to bring a new Foldable Surface PC codenamed Centaurus, that will run the Windows Core OS, WCOS. Now, a report from an analyst Jeff Lin, Associate Director, Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit claims that this device will be launched...

All we know about Surface Phone/Microsoft Andromeda so far. Features, Specs, photos, price, Release Date & more

Microsoft is indeed working on a mythical Surface Mobile or Surface Phone or Microsoft Andromeda phone with Foldable design and Andromeda OS. While we reported about it exclusively in past, many other sites have also confirmed this via from their sources. So, in this exclusive article,...

Deals: Save up to 30% on Lenovo laptops including IdeaPad 330 (14”) Laptop

Lenovo is offering big discounts on select Lenovo Windows 10 PCs in Store (US). If you buy these PCs from Lenovo store today you can save up to 30%. You can check all the deals by clicking on the link below. Deal Link Coming to the...

Save big on laptops Dell Inspiron 3567 & HP 15 AMD E2 at Amazon India

In case you have been looking for a good laptop on budget then Amazon India is offering good discount on two its best-selling laptops. Currently Dell Inspiron 3567 & HP 15 AMD E2, the two top-selling laptops at Amazon are available for the lowest...

Save $300 on Surface Laptop, $200 on Surface Pro 6 in Mother’s day sale

Good news for those looking to buy a new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop. Microsoft is currently offering a discount of $300 on Surface Laptop and $200 on Surface Pro 6 in Mother's day sale. Due to this offer, Surface Laptop is available...

Deal Alert: Dell XPS 13 discounted by $350 at Microsoft Store

Good news for those looking to buy a new Dell XPS 13. Microsoft is currently offering a discount of $350 on Dell XPS 13. Due to this offer, Dell XPS 13 is available for only $1,349.00 at Microsoft Store US. Also you can Save...


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