Windows 11 will depreciate or remove these Windows 10 features including Timeline, Tablet mode and more

Microsoft today announced Windows 11, the major Windows upgrade that packs revamped design and many new features and other changes. But if you are running Windows 10 now, you may see some of the Windows 10 features missing from Windows 11. Microsoft has provided...

Microsoft teases Windows 11 audio, visual & touch experiences before event tomorrow. Where to watch

Windows 11 promises to be a big update over Windows 10 packing many new features and changes. In fact, Windows 11 not only brings the UX/UI visual refresh, it also packs new wallpapers (32 of them) and also new startup and other sounds. Now, Microsoft...

Development of Windows 11 Summer’21 (co_release) & Fall’21 (co_refresh) releases explained in a collated timeline

The leak of Windows 11 Build 21996 gave everyone a good idea about new features and changes that Windows 11 may pack over Windows 10. But, now a collated timeline gives us a good idea about two branches of Windows 11 aka Sun Valley...

Windows 11 is significantly faster than Windows 10 in both real-life as well in Benchmark performance tests

Windows 11 leaked build offered enthusiasts a chance to experience the new Windows version before its official unveil on June 24. Now, comparison between Windows 11 and Windows 10 real-life and benchmark performances reveal the Windows 11 to be significantly faster than Windows 10. A...

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