Find your Windows 10 PC eligibility for Windows 11 free upgrade

Microsoft has today announced Windows 11, the next version of Windows as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs. Now, to find whether your Windows 10 PC is eligible to get Windows 11 update, all you need to do is run a tool...

Microsoft teases Windows 11 audio, visual & touch experiences before event tomorrow. Where to watch

Windows 11 promises to be a big update over Windows 10 packing many new features and changes. In fact, Windows 11 not only brings the UX/UI visual refresh, it also packs new wallpapers (32 of them) and also new startup and other sounds. Now, Microsoft...

Development of Windows 11 Summer’21 (co_release) & Fall’21 (co_refresh) releases explained in a collated timeline

The leak of Windows 11 Build 21996 gave everyone a good idea about new features and changes that Windows 11 may pack over Windows 10. But, now a collated timeline gives us a good idea about two branches of Windows 11 aka Sun Valley...

Windows 11 is significantly faster than Windows 10 in both real-life as well in Benchmark performance tests

Windows 11 leaked build offered enthusiasts a chance to experience the new Windows version before its official unveil on June 24. Now, comparison between Windows 11 and Windows 10 real-life and benchmark performances reveal the Windows 11 to be significantly faster than Windows 10. A...

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