Battlefield 1

If you are an Xbox Live Gold member and enjoy playing Battlefield 1 for all-out war, then you can enjoy the game for free this weekend thanks to Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days.

You’ll be able to deploy at 9:00am PST Friday, March 3 and play until 11:59pm PST Sunday, March 5. During this time, you’ll get to experience the full Battlefield 1 with its intense multiplayer matches and gripping single-player War Stories.

Also, during this special offer Battlefield 1 will be 50% off, Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition is 50% and the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition (includes Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition and Battlefield 1 Premium Pass) is 40% off on the Xbox Store if you want to continue the fight after this exclusive Xbox Live event ends. If you plan to buy the game later, all saved game data carry on plus any Gamerscore or achievements earned during the event will be retained, too.

The acclaimed Battlefield 1 is multiplayer warfare on an epic scale. In the global conflicts of the Great War, you’ll experience all sides of WW1: cavalry and brutal melee weapons to the first tanks ever invented. No battle is ever the same and behemoths like Airships or Armored Trains can turn the tide of a match.

  • War or an epic scale: Take the battle from the scenic Italian coast to the scorching Arabian deserts
  • Four unique main classes: Play as Assault, Medic, Support, or Scout and help out your squad mates
  • Play it your way: Find your favorite game mode such as the epic Conquest, the explosive Rush, or the frantic infantry fights that is War Pigeons
  • Weapons: Wield standard issue rifles, experimental light machine guns, and long-range sniper rifles. Sidearms, grenades, and gadgets add even more variety
  • Vehicles: Jump into light tanks, landships, and motorcycles or take to the skies in biplanes, fighters, or bombers
  • Single player: Take on the thrilling War Stories and experience the many different sides of WW1

Battlefield™ 1
Battlefield™ 1
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: Free