Microsoft is now hiring for its imaging team that focuses on enhancing the imaging experience of Surface Products. The job opening is for Video systems architect and CMOS sensors seem to be the area of interest.

As video systems architect you will own delivery of camera imaging systems at a product level and contribute to our technology roadmap for the future.   You will work closely with internal and external camera system partners to deliver HW and SW components and technologies to enhance the imaging experience for Surface products.

The ideal video architect engineering candidate is an electrical engineer with formal training in image processing and with knowledge of CMOS image sensors, lenses and the imaging software stack for SoC platforms.   Experience with computer vision for 3D and machine learning relative to camera imaging is preferred.

Now the more interesting part is that “Technology Roadmap” part of this job opening mentions both Tablets and Phones for studying the imaging trends.

Technology roadmap

o      Contribute to the imaging team’s development of a multi-year imaging roadmap delivering new customer experiences for image processing and AR/MR.

o      Maintain a competitive view of the imaging trends and technology in consumer tablets and phones resulting in recommendations for imaging capability for Surface products.

We have recently reported a couple of Microsoft patents that focus on the camera setup on a foldable mobile device. CMOS sensors are well-accepted camera sensors that offer good low-light imaging quality on high-end smartphones. While Microsoft may be even trying to improve imaging experience of its existing product range, the kind of hint this job opening provides is beyond Laptops and Tablets.

We have been reporting about Microsoft still working on a foldable dual-display Surface Mobile/Andromeda device. We even posted exclusive details about this device and you can read our exclusive coverage of Surface Phone/Mobile top features/specs, photos & other details here.

Many recent patents granted to Microsoft have revealed very detailed information about a device that looks market-ready. In the most recent Microsoft patent reported by us, Microsoft even talks about why dual-display devices are needed.

Some recent developments like the appearance of the Apps Hub for the Andromeda device with Windows 8828080 which is, in fact, Andromeda OS also hints at sooner arrival of the Surface Phone. This means Microsoft is preparing the eco-system to support it.

We earlier reported about Microsoft’s original plan that put Surface Phone launch in the 2nd half of the year 2018. But these recent leaks and what we have heard from our retails sources raise our hopes too for a probable launch in the first half of 2018.

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