Microsoft has now officially pushed an update to it’s one of the most popular keyboard app on Android OS. The update we are talking about is headed to SwiftKey keyboard app on Android.

This update to SwiftKey keyboard comes with some new features and bug fixes on board. Speaking of the numbers and changes the update comes with an app version in the Google Play Store.

Talking about the changes that it brings, with this update we can type in 4 new languages which are English (India), Буряад хэлэн (Buryat), मुंडारि (Mundari), and Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German). After this update we also get an ability to change the app layout just from the toolbar itself.



  • You can now type in 4 new languages: English (India), Буряад хэлэн (Buryat), मुंडारि (Mundari), and Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German).
  • You can now change your layout directly from the toolbar – look for the keyboard icon


  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused a gap to appear between the keyboard on HTC devices.
  • In Facebook pressing space no longer deletes your @ mention.

You can download the updated app from the link given below.

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard