February 2017 edition of Windows developer Virtual Machines (VM) now available

Virtual Machines
Microsoft has released an update for its virtual machine dev environment. The February 2017 edition has all the latest Windows, developer tools, SDKs, etc. prepped for Windows 10 development. The VMs come in Hyper-V, Parallels, VirtualBox and VMWare flavors. If you just want to try out...

Visual Studio Team Services March release brings Delivery Plans, mobile-friendly work item, Build editor preview and more

Visual Studio Team Services
Visual Studio Team Services offers developers the best collaboration tools to create an efficient continuous integration and release pipeline to cloud. Team Services enables teams to leverage it more efficiently for all areas of the workflow and helps apps written in any language and deployed to...

Developers, UWP apps are ready to take advantage of WebRTC 1.0 and ORTC APIs

Microsoft in an official blog post revealed that Universal Windows Platform apps can now take advantage of WebRTC and ORTC APIs. In case you are not familiar with WebRTC, it is a free and open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC)...

SQL Server vNext CTP 1.3 now available on Windows and Linux

SQL Server vNext
Microsoft has released a fresh new update for the SQL Server vNext on Windows as well as Linux. The latest community technology preview (CTP) 1.3 includes improvements to SQL Server Database Engine and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). On Linux, this update enables Full-text Search feature and Always On...

Microsoft to celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2017 with a live stream, save the date!

Visual Studio 2017
As reported previously, Visual Studio 2017 (stable release) will be available for download on March 7, 2017. To celebrate twenty years of Visual Studio, Microsoft is also holding a two-day launch event beginning March 7, 2017. Live stream will begin at 8:00 AM PST on March 7 and...

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 development tool to hit stable release on March 7, 2017

Visual Studio 2017
Microsoft has announced that the Visual Studio 2017 will be released on March 7, 2017 (ignore the typo in the image above). This release also marks the 2oth anniversary of Visual Studio and thus, Microsoft is celebrating a milestone of two decades of Visual Studio. On...

Microsoft launches Windows SDK for Google Analytics for Mobile app tracking

Google Analytics
Microsoft is launching a Windows SDK for Google Analytics. This SDK will provide an easy way for Windows 10 developers track user sessions, screen views, events, crashes, social interactions and promotional campaigns on their Windows 10 apps submitted under their Windows Dev Center account. The...

docs.microsoft.com will now host ALL of the Windows developer documentation

Coding and Documentation often go hand in hand, and at times acts as a saviour when you get stuck in the middle of your development process. It is not you don't know how things work, but in today's world they constantly evolve and come out better than...

Microsoft’s UWP Community Toolkit hits major release with v1.3.0

uwp community toolkit
Microsoft has released a major new update for UWP Community Toolkit. The UWP Community Toolkit is your best friend in case you are developing for the Universal Windows Platform. It consists of a bunch of helper functions, custom controls, and app services that simplifies and demonstrates...

Microsoft’s Project Rome to bring cross-device experiences between Android and Windows

Project Rome
At Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft announced Project Rome. "Project Rome" is the code name for Microsoft's remote systems platform. It consists of API sets on multiple development platforms which allows an app on a client (local) device to interact with apps and services on...

Download/Watch the Windows Developer Day Keynote right here!

Windows Developer Day
Microsoft's Windows Developer Day keynote is now available for online viewing or download. At the Windows Developer Day, Microsoft shared what’s new for developers in the Windows 10 Creators Update and what it means for your apps and games, and more about Microsoft’s latest developer products. So,...

These apps are taking the best advantage of Desktop Bridge for Windows

Desktop Bridge
At the Windows Developer Day, Kevin Gallo took the stage to share some of the developer-focused features that are shipping with the Windows 10 Creators Update, later this year. The new capabilities and tools will empower developers to unlock the full power of the Universal...


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